“Aš toks. Aš tokia” Mine and my father’s personal exhibition 2013 11 26 – 12 14

Everybody welcome to our exhibition November 26th – December 14th 2013.
Opening at 18.00, 26th November
Textiles gallery “Artifex” Vilnius

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2013.07.09-27 International Biennial of Textile Miniatures “Thoughts – that is…”

Burned out” width=”300″ height=”199″ class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-281″ />International Biennial of Textile Miniatures “Thoughts – that is…” takes part at art gallery “Arka” in Vilnius 9th – 27th July 2013.

The aim of international textile miniature biennial “Thoughts – that is…” is to invite artists’ from various countries into the join venue, which continues to tackle the urgent problem of human existence. Who and what are we? What settles our environment? The concept of the exhibition is based on the methaphysical statement, that material and spiritual worlds are interrelated, that thoughts can materialize. The invisible processes which are taking place in our mind create reality – real things, phenomena, emotions. Every object from our reality is the embodiment of the ideas, which have ever existed. Everything that surrounds us is the result of human mind. Human thoughts form not only objects, but also ones activity, creativity and personality. There is a lot of everything in the modern world – not only goodness, but also anger. The biggest discoveries in the world were born from bright thoughts, while anger and hatred gave birth to evil. Human mind is energy, which is able to create wonderful objects. Mind is propagating magnetic frequencies, which attract similar frequencies phenomena in the universe.

In the exhibition you can also see my work called “Burned out”. I wanted to show, that not always our toughts leads us to a valuable result. Sometimes we are to tired for it or the thoughts cant cross the borders, that we have built in our heads, so they turn and turn and turn around until…they just burn out and turn into ashes… So sad. But really I wish, that everybody had hot and burning mind, but never burn out.

 Burned out

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