Sigita Emilė Stankevičiūtė,
textile artist

Who am I?

I`ve been fascinated by creative arts since I was a little girl. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always used to say “an artist”. Later I`ve graduated from textile studies in Vilnius Art Academy and I still can`t get away (nor do I want to) from the need to create things. I enjoy the meditation process of doing embroidered paintings every now and then no less than making the world more beautiful by creating accessories and experimenting: from bending spiders out of wire to making felt accessories, silk painting or even hand-painting my motorcycle… These hands of mine are so restless 😀 I`m up to my ears in various activities all the time: art teaching, birthdays and camps for kids, lectures, creative and educational projects, etc.

I believe that life is supremely beautiful. So I`d like to share some of this beauty with everyone.


I was born 1982-06-11 in Vilnius.
Since childhood I wanted to be an artist, year1995 to 1999 I was learning at Art School of Justinas Vienožinskis in Vilnius. 2007 I graduated Vilnius Art Academy, got textiles master degree. Year 2003-2004 I was learning Galway-Mayo Institute of Technologies in Ireland (Erasmus students exchange).


I am a project manager at Art Gallery for Children and Youth in Vilnius, art teacher at Art School for Children and Youth in Vilnius, teaching textiles, 2008-2011 was teaching at Vilnius Design College (VDK).

Since 2003 I take part in various group exhibitions, workshops, creative projects, have art classes, think and live creative.


„Matterial and process“, Applied Art gallery, Vilnius.
Project for international AIDS day, hat shop, Galway, Ireland.
„Fish“, Textiles Department, Vilniaus Art Academy.
International symposium „Wind. Sand. Water“, gallery „Vartai“, Vilnius; Amber0 museum, Juodkrantė. I place award for a creative carpet project.
„Vanishing species“, Textiles Department, Vilniaus Art Academy.
Tekstiles exhibition at Drama theatre in Panevėžys.
Lithuanian tekstiles biennial „Track“, gallery „Arka“, Vilnius.
„(In)Visible“, art place “Menų spaustuvė”
„Drawings. The archeology of childhood“, gallery „Jūratės manufaktūra“, Vilnius.
Lithuanian tekstiles biennial „Signs of the city“, gallery „Arka“, Vilnius.
„Visit card 7“, Art Gallery for Children and Youth, Vilnius.
„Visit card 8“, Art Gallery for Children and Youth, Vilnius.
Project „Art work inspired by lithuanian folk tales“
Lithuanian tekstiles biennial „Connections“, gallery „Arka“, Vilnius.
„Jonas in textiles“, textiles gallery-workshop „Artifex“, Vilnius.
„Autoportrait“, gallery „Arka“, Vilnius.
VII’th international textiles miniature biennial „Vanish/Remain“, gallery „Arka“, Vilnius.
Lithuanian tekstiles biennial „Me. Mine. For me“, gallery „Arka“, Vilnius.
„Grafika from drawing to shadow“, Graphic Art Center in Vilnius, gallery „Kairė dešinė“, Vilnius.
“Metamorfosis”, landart exhibition, botanic garden in Kairėnai, Vilnius
“Nostalgic journeys”, library of Ieva Simonaitytė, Klaipėda.


Annual exhibitions in Nida Art Colony (2003-2010), palace of Panemunė (2004-2009m.)


“Archeology of childhood”, Jūratė manufactury, Vilnius
“I am so. So I am”, feat. Jonas Stankevičius, gallery “Artifex”, Vilnius


CONTACTS +37067447920